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White Papers


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Over the years, we have written and produced several flyers, booklets and brochures on industry-related subjects. When it finally came time to bring these together into one accessible collection on our web-site, we had a hard time deciding what to put here and what to leave out. We have also included some of the best we have found on other sites, too.

As more, useful information comes to light, we will add it to the list – keep coming back.

Clicking on the links below will open each up in a new web-page, where you will also find a link to download each white paper as a pdf file.

The History of Pre-press
Paper Sizes

To bleed or not to bleed?

Choosing environmentally friendly paper stocks.

Waterless printing – the pros and cons.

Binding styles for every occasion.

How to design the perfect tab divider!

The ten most frustrating things in a pre-press operator’s life.

The argument for printing it on paper.

OK, so what software should I be using for graphic design?

Digital printing – future trends.