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We often get asked, even by experienced designers, if we have a template for a particular product. The list below is our current collection, which we have tried to group in some sensible order.

If there is something particular you require, please contact us to ask. If it might be useful to someone else, too, we will post it here.
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When dividing a sheet of art for an ‘island’ tab it is desirable to have a shoulder on the first and last tab plus an equal length of mylar either side of the tab.

The formula used is as follows:

Deduct 6mm from either edge (top and bottom) of the sheet length, divide the remainder by the number to view.

ie: an A4 sheet length divided into 5-to-view is:

297mm minus 12mm(2x6mm) = 285mm
285mm divide by 5 to view = 57mm tab

When calculating the length of a tab you need to consider how much information is to be printed on each tab, it would be better to form another bank than to cram the information onto a smaller tab.

A4 1-to-view
A4 2-to-view
A4 3-to-view
A4 4-to-view
A4 5-to-view
A4 6-to-view
A4 7-to-view
A4 8-to-view
A4 9-to-view
A4 10-to-view
A4 11-to-view
A4 12-to-view

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Circles – 25mm, 27mm, 32mm (40up), 32mm (45up), 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 69mm, 90mm

Ovals – 25x45mm, 38x47mm

Squares – 33mm, 50mm, 68mm, 100mm

Rectangles – 10x30mm, 12x50mm, 15x34mm, 17x145mm, 18x63mm, 20x50mm (45up), 20x50mm (56up), 20x90mm, 21x34mm, 23x73mm, 24x51mm, 25x38mm, 25x70mm, 26x97mm, 34x51mm (25up), 34x51mm (32up), 34x65mm (20up), 34x65mm (24up), 34x75mm (15up), 34x75mm (24up), 35x90mm, 35x105mm (10up), 35x105mm (16up), 46x73mm, 47x78mm, 50x97mm, 50x100mm, 51x58mm, 51x75mm (10up), 51x75mm (16up), 68x97mm, 74x105mm, 96x139mm, 105x148mm, 139x194mm, 210x297mm

Special shapes – CD label


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