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Perhaps our scanners are not quite as awesome looking as this scanning/tunnelling microscope, but they still need a crash-hot operator to get a good image. And here at Colours we do have crash-hot operators.

All our scans are colour corrected, spotted and cleaned to remove dust and scratches, and saved in whatever is the best format for your needs – usually RGB tiff files.

Large, rigid originals are best scanned on a flat-bed. Our Lanovia scanner will accept originals up to 350 x 500mm in size and up to 50mm thick. It is even capable of scanning 3-dimensional objects quite well. Our smaller flatbed scanners are best for smaller format trannies, photos and printed sheets.


Colours provides scans for a variety of end uses – wide format poster printing, offset printing at up to 300# screens, digital printing and web pages. Each use has its own requirement for scans:

  • Web pages – 72 dpi
  • Poster printing – 150dpi
  • Digital printing – 200dpi
  • Offset printing – usually 300dpi for 150# screen

As each type of scan differs in resolution, quality and file size, we offer a pricing structure based on set-up cost and time required. However, special requirements such as colour matching, spotting and cleaning, de-screening, stitching or restoration will increase the cost of a scan.

Please contact us, so we can help estimate the cost of your scanning project.