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Short-run printing


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What’s our smallest run-length? A quantity of ONE! At Colours, we are passionate about print. But…

Short-run, low volume printing is our focus

— even just a single book is not ridiculous for us. Whether it’s an annual report or a leather case-bound book, you’ll be surprised at the quality and the speed with which we can produce them.

And of course, any other printed products can be produced in short-runs as well – stationery, calendars, presentation folders, flyers, booklets, pads, posters…

There are some obvious benefits when printing short runs, on demand…

Cost savings

There is no need to place a large order simply to achieve savings. Modern technology used in digital printing makes it possible to produce small quantities at affordable prices.

Speed of turnaround

Short-run digital printing provides the fastest solution – often in just a few hours. And because Colours has all the binding facilities in-house, the final stages of production can be completed incredibly quickly, too.

Waste savings

Despite the advent of such fast-turnaround, short-run services, it is still the case that almost a third of printed materials are thrown out because they become outdated. What a waste, what a burden on the environment! It is easy to print only the quantity you need for the immediate future… and then reprint, on-demand, if and when more are needed.


Find out the savings you can make, and see how quickly your job can be produced. Check out our prices…