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Managing Colour



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At Colours, We Provide Colour Management That Never Guesses!

Nor do we just let our software and hardware make the decisions for us, especially when it comes to management of colour.

Yes, we use all the latest colour management applications and have ISO standardised RIPs installed on all of our digital presses.

But we also adjust each and every job to match the colours you want.

How do we do this?

We take pride in our colour management abilities. For EVERY job we print, we generate an accurate, ISO approved, digital proof for colour matching.

Like any offset printing company, we acknowledge that colour on our presses is subject to variation – due to ambient conditions (especially temperature and humidity), condition and type of the paper and ink, and even such almost random factors as the time of the day, the batch of the paper used, electrical power surges and fluctuations, and the viewing conditions.

And we are sure that like all electronic equipment our presses respond to the anger and frustration of the sales-person when a job is running late!

But, not just glorified photo-copiers, our digital presses have controls to adjust almost every aspect of the colour going on to the sheets. And our operators are trained to make these adjustments to get the best possible match to the ISO approved proof, comparing the proof and the printed press-sheet under controlled lighting.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can rest assured that we have done everything possible to get the colour of your printed job to come out the way you expect. And if it doesn’t, then we will either adjust it until you are happy with it, or refund your payment in full – that’s our [lightbox title=”COLOURS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE” href=”#CERTIFICATE” width=”650″ height=”480″ iframe=”true” inline=”true”]100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.[/lightbox]