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Grey Masts Cottage Bookshop, an 1850s Heritage Building originally built by shipping entrepreneur George Ormerod, was one of the first cottages in the town of Robe, South Australia. The shop and reading room epitomise the grace and timelessness of printed books, in stark contrast to the ephemeral functionality of eBooks.

Nonetheless, eBooks are here, and here to stay – and they have ensured that the beauty of the written word, as well as drawings, illustrations and photographs, are not lost to modern generations.

Indeed, eBooks have made far more information available to more people in the last decade than was available in all the libraries of the world before the advent of the computer.



The following organisations have made available several titles as flipping-books, on Colours web-site. These are currently accessible only to registered users. As more publications are converted, we will add them to our library.

Please contact us to obtain a password for access to these pages.

ABC Organic Gardener Magazine

ABC Collectors Magazine

Parramatta Heritage Centre

The Nicholson Museum