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Digitally Printed Envelopes



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Colours is a known provider of top quality digital printing in Australia.

First Impressions are often lasting impressions. Making the right impression the first time when sending items by mail, will help get them opened first and leave a lasting positive image of your company.

Whether it is a simple BW name and address, from a mailing list of 1,000 of your business contacts, or a full colour print to catch the eye of a potential customer, Colours can print on the face of almost any envelope. Hence, we are one of the best digital envelope printing service providers in Australia.

And… no longer do you need to order your envelopes pre-printed with your company’s logo and addressing information. Colours will print in “One Pass” your Company’s logo and addressing information as well as Australia Post information, addressee’s details and even a personalized note or teaser message – all in one pass.

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  • Most sizes – DL, DLX, C6, C4, B4
  • Plain-faced or window-faced –
    and yes we CAN digitally print on window-faced envelopes!
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Colour or BW
  • Variable data – names & addresses


And the service doesn’t stop there. Colours also provides a short-run mailing service:

  • address database cleaning
  • inserting
  • sorting
  • lodging at Australia Post

One of the limitations when digitally overprinting envelopes are impression marks. When you print on a pre-made envelope, the surface is not even or flat. There can be several layers of paper that make up the side-seams and flaps of the envelope – and these can distort the image being printed. Heavy solids and dark colours compound this problem.

This issue is common on envelopes that are overprinted either digitally or offset, as both processes require pressure to be applied to the envelope as it passes through the printing press. The only solution, if these impression marks are unacceptable, is to print flat sheets and convert to envelopes by die-cutting and gluing – a much more expensive, and time-consuming process.

Here at Colours we are the digital envelope printing specialists. Your envelopes are printed with the minimum heat and pressure required to fuse the ink onto the paper, without leaving excessive impression marks. Rest assured that we do our best to make your printed jobs look as good as possible.