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Book printing and binding

Book Printing and Binding

Colours is known for providing high quality digital printing. Our greatest expertise is in book printing and book binding. We specialise in short-run books – anything from training manuals, to first-time novels, to coffee-table style photo books and custom-bound cased-in works of art. And in any quantities, but usually only small runs – say 50, 200 or perhaps 500.

High Quality Book Printing Services

With book printing, naturally came the need for us to bind these books – which we now do mostly in-house. Stapling, saddle-stitching, wire-binding, spiral-binding, comb-binding, perfect-binding, case-binding, sewing, stitching, gluing, punching, rivetting, drilling, ring-binding… the options are almost endless when it comes to book binding.

And the finishes are almost endless, too… foiling, embossing, screen-printing, two-tone leather, quarter-binding, slip-cases…

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PLUS… eBooks

Convert your printed publication to an electronic one. Publish your booklet or book as an eBook, in any format, for reading on any electronic device – smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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