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Mobile web-sites need even more care and consideration in their design and implementation than standard web-sites. We are proud to say that our own new, but growing, mobile web-site ticks all the boxes for mobile optimisation.

We have tested our mobile web-site, using Google’s GoMo engine – and the results were excellent – as you can see…

[image height=”411″ width=”600″][/image]

We have also tested it using the World Wide Web Consortium’s [W3C] mobile validator, and it has scored very well there, too.

[image height=”235″ width=”600″][/image]

And finally it has been confirmed, again by the W3C validator, that all the code is valid XHTML 1.1.

Valid XHTML 1.1

Validation and optimization are extremely significant issues to consider when designing mobile web-sites. The user experience should be friendly, fast and informative.