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As a printing company, we understand that we are part of the communications industry.

We know that YOU need to contact us, by whatever means available. So we have to have as many channels of communication as possible, open at all times for you to reach us.

All of us have email.
All of us have telephones.
All of us have mobile phones.
All of us have Skype.
All of us have VOIP phones.
All of us have webmail accounts.

We have FTP servers in Australia and overseas.

We have file uploaders, we have web-cams, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts, we have YouSendIt accounts and we have iChat.

In fact we have so many ways of keeping in touch that we often wish for the days when we had no alternative but to go and visit our customers in person. We hardly ever get out to actually see you any more.

But, please feel free to drop in and see us at any time. We are open 9am to 5pm weekdays, and weekends by arrangement. There is always tea, coffee or other refreshment available, and often fruit, cakes or biscuits, and freshly baked bread!

Call us on 1300 06 99 53

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Upload files for general prepress and•or printing

Send any files up to 2Gb

Upload artwork for colour•accurate proofs

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