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The Emperor’s new workstation

In a recent post, I drooled over Wacom’s latest multi-touch graphics tablet. Now I have found a workstation worthy to house the tablet. The Emperor 200, from MWE Lab, boasts luxury, sophistication and ergonomic comfort without compromise.

And thus we dream

If you are in need of a reminder that the world is indeed beautiful, look no further than this amazing time lapse video put together by photographer Knate Myers.

Corning’s vision of the future

In early 2011, Corning, a global specialty glass and ceramics manufacturer, based in up-state New York, created a video called “A Day Made of Glass”. Corning published this video on-line, and gave us all a glimpse into the near future. In a remarkably short period of time, this visionary video captured the imagination of millions.

The top 10 books lost to time

Some of the greatest writers in history have had works lost over time. Great written works from authors such as Shakespeare and Jane Austen that you’ll never have a chance to read.

Time out!

It’s ironic that the the first time I can ever recall taking a day off because of sickness, in a working-life that spans more years than I can remember, is a result of an attempt to improve my fitness so that I could better get through the amount of work in each day!