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Why a blue tomato?


It’s a question we often get asked – what’s the blue tomato all about?

The answer is a lot simpler than everyone imagines. We wanted a brand that stood out, that our customers remembered, that could be recognized easily and quickly. The original brief to the designer who conceived the logo was “we want something like the Nike tick, like IBM, like McDonald’s golden arches!”

Well, did we get what we wanted from the designer? The logo has been ours since 1993. We haven’t changed it in more than two decades. We think it works.

And it does have a connection with what we do – it highlights our retouching skills. And shows off a little of how “left-of-centre” we can be at times.

And it also gives us scope for further advertising and marketing concepts, as the images on this web site show.

Here are a few more of the wacky ways we have used the blue tomato!