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Our people


Our staff are, and always have been, the backbone of Colours. We are thrilled that when we get together as a team, it is obvious that we can achieve anything. It IS true – “the whole is always better than the sum of the individual parts”. But each of our “parts” can stand on its own merits – our team-members are all handpicked, for their skill, their knowledge and their dedication to helping YOU.

And we are all multi-skilled – where else would you find the Office Administrator doing the pre-press, the Operations Manager helping out with the perfect-binding, the Despatch Controller running the wide-format printing machine or the Bindery Supervisor printing a digital job?

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John MacLulich Founder

A sixty-something father of two, John has over 40 years experience in the pre-press and printing industries. However, with degrees in Marine Ecology, Biochemistry and Education, it seems strange that he has ended up where he is.

[icon style=”phone”]02 9519 0944 Mobile: 0403 061 995[/icon]


[picture_frame title=”Stefan”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Stefan.jpg[/picture_frame]

Stefan Kovar General Manager

A tech-head and enthusiast for anything that has a motor, Stefan is single-handedly responsible for keeping the nuts and bolts of Colours tight, the sprockets and gear chains lubed, and all the widgets running smoothly. He likes fast cars, good food and expensive hotels – but who doesn’t?


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Mark O’Donnell Customer Service Manager

Calm, cool, collected! Mark attends to the needs of Colours customers with the practised ease of a long-time professional. And he draws on his years of industry experience to help customers solve all their printing problems. But it has taken its toll on his hair!

[icon style=”phone”]02 9519 0944 Mobile: 0403 246 969[/icon]


[picture_frame title=”Nerida”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Nerida1.jpg[/picture_frame]

Nerida Cunneen Book-keeper

Nerida keeps all our accounts up-to-date and handles money matters with dignity and aplomb.


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Hue Nguyen Digital Press Operator

Iain Murrell Bindery Supervisor

Ellie MacLulich Estimating and Administration

“Brodie” Colours’ Mascot