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Going Green


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“Maximum impact in the marketplace…

minimum impact on the environment”

This is the ideal we strive for at Colours. And we don’t provide just lip service to the concept of being environmentally friendly. We provide action to live up to our ideal. We started our “Going Green” campaign back in 2006, and still, we are finding ways to get greener and greener!

Here are some of the ways by which Colours is trying to minimise its impact on the environment:

  • Our house stock is Monza – a 55% recycled coated paper, available in gloss or satin. Wherever possible, we will print on this paper, by choice. But this doesn’t mean you cannot choose whatever paper or board is best for your job – even if the majority of the other papers we keep are also recycled – Tudor RP, Ecostar, Freelife…

  • We will try to avoid the use of laminates and varnishes which prevent recycling of paper or which result in the release of toxic chemicals during their application.
  • The majority (97%) of our waste paper is collected for recycling, several times a week. Rework jobs (a fact of life, but extremely rare) are separated into recyclable components and shredded before being recycled. All our other waste is separated before being collected.

  • All our empty toner cartridges are collected by Planet Ark – and we do have a lot of them (up to 50 x 2litre containers per week).

  • Our digital presses are manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials. And recent developments in the use of plant-based resources during the manufacturing of the toner used in the majority of our presses has resulted in immediate environmental benefits such as lower energy consumption during production, less energy consumption during use, and reduced carbon-dioxide emissions during disposal.

    A major partner with Colours, Konica Minolta has stated that carbon footprint reduction is a critical focus area for their Eco-Vision 2050 strategy – they aim to reduce the amount of emissions from their products’ lifecycles as much as 80 percent by 2050 (compared to 2005 levels).

  • Our electricity and gas is purchased from companies that utilise renewable resources.


What does it cost?

Well, for one thing, it doesn’t cost the earth!
And for our customers – it costs nothing extra. All of these measures are already in place, and the costs of implementation are NOT added to your jobs.


What’s in it for you?

Peace of mind. Reassurance that when you deal with Colours, the impact on our environment is as small as possible. A good feeling. Pride. A sense of “one-up-manship” – you have done something responsible, where your competitors haven’t – you can stand out from the crowd.

And if you want to boast about it, that’s fine by us. We can provide any of the appropriate logos for you to use on your printed jobs…


With thousands of green products and services, plus campaigns, non-profit organisations, information, green blogs, econews and more, EcoDirectory is a gateway to green living in Australia in 2012. Their aim is a paradigm shift from an economy-first to an environment-first society.

Colours fully supports EcoDirectory’s goals and projects. Find us and other eco-aware businesses listed in the directory, here.